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Open House Search Results - Map Tab

The Map Tab of the Open House search results page allows you to view plotted listings on a map and search for additional listings. The Map Tab has various tools to help you view the available information.

Moving the Map of Open Houses

  • Pan � The Pan Tool is the default tool selection on the Map tab. Using the Pan Tool, you may move the map in any direction. To use the Pan Tool, click and hold, and move the map in any direction. When you release the mouse button, the map will stop moving.
  • Navigation Arrows � By using the arrow buttons above the zoom bar on the left, you may move the map in the direction indicated by the arrow.


To adjust the zoom level to display a larger or smaller area of local Open Houses, you have five options:

    • Scroll Wheel � if your mouse is equipped with a scroll wheel, scrolling will increase or decrease the zoom level, centering the map at the cursor point.
    • Double-Click � double-click at a point on the map to zoom and center at that location.
    • Zoom Bar � to maintain the current map center but adjust the magnification, use the zoom bar in the upper left corner of the mapping screen. Click the + or - buttons to move the zoom level up or down.
    • Zoom Tool � The green plus sign is your Zoom Tool. Click on the green plus sign (+) to select the Zoom Tool. While the Zoom Tool is selected, you may click once to zoom in one level, or you may click, hold, and release to draw a zoom area.
    • Shift Key with Pan Tool � While the Pan Tool is selected, you may hold down the Shift key on your keyboard and use your mouse to draw a rectangular zoom area.

Search Areas (where available)

Next to the Pan and Zoom tools, if you are accessing a page that allows searching, you may select shapes to use when searching for Open Houses. You may create rectangles, circles, and polygons.

    • To create a rectangular search area, click on the rectangle shape, then click on the map to define one corner of your rectangle. Move your mouse until the rectangle is the desired size, and click again to complete the shape.
    • To create a circular search area, click on the circle shape, then click on the map to set the center of your search. Move your mouse to increase the radius of the search from that center point, click again to complete the circle.
    • To create an irregular-shaped search area, click on the polygon in your Search Areas box, then click on the map to define the first corner of your polygon. Click to define the remaining search boundaries. Your polygon can have as many points as you need to define your search area. Double-click to complete your polygon.
    • Multiple Search Shapes - When using multiple search shapes, you may choose if you would like to search only the intersection of those shapes by placing a check in the box marked Intersection.

Map Display Buttons

  • Back/Forward Buttons � Similar to your web browser, flexmls Mapping includes buttons to move between displays. If you would like to revert to the previous mapping zoom level or focus, click the back button (left arrow). From there, you may return to the most recent zoom level or focus by clicking the forward button (right arrow).
  • Display all Points on Map � Click the button in between the Back/Forward buttons to return to the initial map view where all plotted Open House points are visible. This tool is handy if you have moved the map to a point where you have lost perspective.

Open House Listing Information

When Open House listings are plotted on the map, click on a listing icon to get more information. A listing bubble will appear with more information about the listing. Click on the listing icon or on More Info to bring up the single-listing view in your summary panel. Click on the links to get a Street View or Bird�s Eye view of the location or to Zoom to the location on the map.

Color Legend

In the lower right corner of the mapping screen, click the color wheel icon to bring up the color legend. The initial view of the color legend will display different colored dots that correspond to the statuses of the properties that are plotted on the map. Click on the drop-down arrow to change the colored listing dots to display graded colors to show the listings by Price or by Price/Square Foot. This feature allows you to visually track price trends among mapped listings.

Nosy Neighbor

Click on the i icon next to the search shapes to use the Nosy Neighbor tool. Using this tool, click on a point on the map to view parcel dimensions, where available, and a mini history of the parcel. Use the links in the information bubble if you'd like to add any of the historical listings to your selected tab.

Locate Address of Open Houses

Click on the pushpin icon and enter an address to plot a point on the map. If the address is found immediately, the point will appear as a pushpin on the map. If there are multiple possible matches, you will be presented with a list of matching locations to choose from. If no locations match your search criteria, you will be given the option to edit the address that you are searching for, or manually locate the location on the map.


Click on the drop-down list in the upper right corner of the map tab to view available overlays. You may choose if you would like to show or hide the available overlays.

Menu Options

Using the menu options on the left of the page you may view the following areas:

  • News Feed � The News Feed contains listings that have been sent to you via subscription updates.
  • Saved Listings � Use the star icon to mark a listing as a favorite and put it in your Saved collection.
  • Hidden by Me � Use the Hide icon to remove a listing from your news feed and saved searches.
  • Recommended Listings � If your agent recommends a listing, it will appear in the recommended collection.
  • Hidden by Agent � If your agent removes a listing from your news feed and saved searches, it will still be viewable in this collection.
  • Saved Searches � Any saved searches will appear under the name of the search. Click on a search to view the up-to-date listings it contains.
  • Manually Emailed Listings � Any listings your agent has sent to you manually will appear under the emails subject line.

Using the menu options at the upper right corner of your Portal page, you may:

  • Go to the portal dashboard by clicking My Account and selecting Dashboard,
  • Manage whether your email address is confirmed to receive subscription updates by
  • clicking My Account and selecting E-mail Settings,
  • Contact your agent about a listing by clicking the Contact button,
  • or, Log Out of your portal by clicking Log Off.

Click the blue Actions button on the currently highlighted listing, and you may:

  • Contact your agent about the listing by clicking Contact,
  • Contact your agent to request a showing by clicking Request Showing,
  • Share the current listing or selected listings with others over e-mail, or to a variety of social networking sites by clicking Share,
  • Print listing information by clicking Print,
  • Compose or view messages about the listing by clicking Messages,
  • Make private notes about the listing by clicking Listing Notes.