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All of the Open House lists that you see featured here are from live MLS data. In fact, the Phoenix-area Realtor system (ARMLS) provides us with the most-current schedules. The hosting brokerage has published their intention to hold an Open House, as has been noted by the time indicated. Their agent has selected the date, time and location. Note: This website can not guarantee those agents will be there the whole time displayed, since we are likely unrelated.

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Today's Open Houses

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NOTE: Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays will almost always have the shortest Open House lists. However by Thursday, Listing Agents begin scheduling their homes in the MLS for the upcoming weekend. Traditionally Saturday and Sunday are the busiest days for Open Houses anywhere. So don’t forget to Bookmark this page, then check back with us on Friday!

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Was it Scheduled at the last-minute, which caused you to miss it? Please don’t worry, because we can help! Call or Text (602) 290-6217, then provide the Homesfield Agents with the list of homes that you want to see. We will then schedule your own personal Showings for you – on your schedule!  (*Note: Are you represented by a buyer agent who is other than the Homesfield Agents? If so, your agent must schedule any showings for you instead.)

Today's Open Houses in Phoenix

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Open Houses - Home Shopping In Person

You may find that looking at homes to buy in person can sometimes be inconvenient. Homes that are occupied by sellers could mean delays to get through the door. If Tenants are occupants, then they will have legal rights to 48 hours notice prior to Showings by prospective buyers.

In fact, that's why going to Open Houses can be a smoother option. Not to mention the homes are already preparing for your viewing of it. No one is home, other than the agent(s) holding the Open House. It'll be shown in it's best condition, since it's already staged. All the lights are on, and the swimming pool's water features are showing what they can do. Generally speaking, inside the home will be a comfortable temperature.

Open Houses in Phoenix

Yes, it's best to bring your Realtor®. If you go to an Open House without your Realtor®, the agent(s) hosting it may try to cut your agent out of the deal. Very often, the Open House agent is not the Listing Agent representing the seller. They are there to sell the house, of course, but intending to write the contract for you. If your agent isn't there to represent your best interests, that agent's only purpose is to sell that house to you, for as much as they can get from you. If they don't write your contract, they may not receive anything at all from the Listing Agent for your purchase (it's your agent that gets paid, plus the listing agent, but not necessarily the Open House agent). So bring your Agent!

What most people do not know: If you think not having an agent of your own will make your offer stronger in the eyes of the seller, think again! Not having your own Realtor does not guarantee the seller saves money on paying commissions! The listing agent will probably get to keep the entire commission pool (including what your agent would have received) themselves!

So bring an agent. We will work for your best interests, not the sellers' best interests. It costs you nothing to be represented, but could cost you thousands if you aren't!

You Don't Have An Agent To Help You?

Don't Worry! The Homesfield Agents are available to get you to all the Open Houses you'd like to see... and more! If there is a home you'd really like to see, in addition to the Open Houses on your list, our agents can make that happen too! Contact us with the homes you'd like to see, and we'll get it scheduled! Either press the "Request Showings" button or Call / text (602) 290-6217 to get started.